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Adding your own logo

Use your project's logo

Written by Dominik
Published on 1/2/2020

The help center comes with a logo out of the box. You’ll likely want to use your own logo instead.

Changing the SVG file

Edit src/components/logo.js and place your SVG logo in there. You’ll need to convert it to a React component. You can use to convert an SVG to a React component. Use the current logo as an example.

Note that the SVG logo needs to accept props.size and use that value as its width and height. The colors need to be set to props.color. These things are done so that your logo can appear in the header and the footer and look slightly different in both.

Changing the favicon

You can change the favicon by replacing assets/favicon.png (and static/favicon.ico). If you want to use another format, you can change the file name in gatsby-config.js (look for assets/favicon.png there).


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