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See which icons are available

Written by Dominik
Published on 1/2/2020

The starter is using a subset of the react-icons. By default there is a limited selection of icons. You can see the names of available icons in the src/utils/icons.js file.

Why are the icons limited?

The way the icons are used means that every icon listed in src/utils/icons.js needs to be loaded on every page. Since react-icons comes with a massive amount of icons, this would lead to very poor performance on page loads.

The gatsby-starter-help-center therefore only exposes a limited selection of icons.

How can I add more icons?

You can check out the available icons in react-icons. When you found icons you like, simply add another block and export the icons you want to be available for your sections.

For example

export { FaRegHandPeace } from "react-icons/fa"
export { AiFillBulb, AiFillCheckSquare } from "react-icons/ai"

Note that react-icons is using imports from specific folders like react-icons/fa for Font Awesome icons, or react-icons/ai for Ant Design icons.

Customize your help center

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