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Changing the language

Ditch english for something else?

Written by Dominik
Published on 1/3/2020

The help center is made to be used in any (left-to-right) language.

At the moment only one language can be used at a time. It’s not yet supported to supply different languages at the same time

How to change the language

First, you’ll need to open gatsby-config.js. There you’ll find a siteMetadata section. In there, edit language and set it to the two-letter ISO 639-1 language code of your desired language.

This will set the language for SEO purposes (it will apply that language to <html lang="your-language">)

Translating strings

Next, you’ll need to translate the default strings inside siteMetadata.texts in the same gatsby-config.js file.

Customize your help center

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