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List of features

Searchable, customizable, responsive, fast, free and usable in any language.

Written by Dominik
Published on 1/3/2020

The free help center is perfect for indie hackers, solo founders and small products. This page lists features of the free help center.


You can set up the help center for free. There are no upfront costs and no monthly costs. This makes it perfect for side-projects or if you’re a startup in an early phase.

The help center can grow with you, as it scales well with more content. If you ever need more advanced features offered by paid help centers, you can take your whole content to them easily.


You’ll always run into limits on what you can customize with paid, hosted solutions. Since you’ll host the free help center yourself, and you have the whole source code, you can customize the whole help center to your wildest dreams.

We kindly ask you to keep the link back to this project in the footer to show your appreciation for the project.

Usable in any language

All text content of the help center can be edited in gatsby-config.js. You can also set the language there for SEO purposes. This makes the free help center usable in any language.

Note that the help center only supports one language at a time. It is not a good fit if your help center needs to support multiple locales.


The help center is built with Gatsby, which means the help center compiles to a static site. Search machines love the fast response times of static sites and will rank you higher because of that. In addition, every article will have the correct meta tags set up. And a sitemap is generated as well.


If you want to see how well your articles are doing, you can set up analytics. Check out the Adding Analytics section in the Gatsby documentation for more information.

I recommend using SimpleAnalytics and their gatsby-plugin-simple-analytics.


Since the free help center is a static site, it’s super hard for attackers to exploit. As there are no dynamic servers involved, there is little attack surface for possible bad actors. This makes static sites very secure, and the free help center benefits from that.

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